Ride a Bike in Lucca

Ride a Bike in Lucca

Ride a Bike in Lucca

One of the best places to look out over medieval Lucca's ornate churches, wide piazzas and traditional red-roofed buildings is from the thick stone walls that surround this Tuscan city's historic core. Atop these 16th-century fortifications runs a tree-lined, 2.5-mile path that's perfect for biking. Sure, you could walk it too, but getting around on two wheels gives you the opportunity to venture into the surrounding countryside as well, traveling along back roads to local wineries and organic farms, or coasting along the scenic Serchio River.

Several companies offer bike tours and rentals in Lucca. Try TuscanBike.it for a wide range of tours both within the city (one includes an apertif and a Puccini concert) and in the countryside. Eco-Guide.it also offers cycling excursions. If you'd rather go it alone, Chrono Bikes rents out several different models by the hour, day or week.

Lucca Trip Reviews

Spring Break in Italy by soliteyah
 Lucca itself is very small, at least the part within the old stone walls, and seems to have a church every couple of blocks. We wandered into one our first day, the San Frediano; after dinner I sat on its steps as the sun was going down and soaked up the atmosphere ... a quiet, open square with a few little shops closing their doors and a few people walking or biking through on their way home.

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