6 Months Pregnant: Baby Invited To Interact

6 Months Pregnant: Baby Invited To Interact - At the age of 6 months of pregnancy, you are able to interact with s Small i through touch and voice or music being brought closer to the abdomen. Babies can respond to the movement of your!

If at the time of 5 months pregnant you are not so sure if he can hear or feel, is currently 6 months pregnant, the baby has moved very active and can respond to voice and touch. Shouts or loud noise like the sound of music trigger himself doing spike or a little kick.

6 Months Pregnant: Baby Invited To Interact

How Fetal Growth?

In early pregnancy period of 6 months, your baby weighs approximately 0.6 kilograms with a length of approximately 34.6 cm. You can feel it move on and even when he hiccups.

25 weeks pregnant

  • Baby's heart rate slowed to 140 beats per minute. Nevertheless, a higher frequency than your own heartbeat.
  • He no longer looked thin, but it started to become a baby with fat under the skin.
  • Looks wrinkled skin that had a smooth start.
  • Screen Ultrasound can show that his hair had grown.
  • Occasionally he hiccups and you can feel it.
  • Regularly, the baby will throw urine into the amniotic sac.
  • Eyelids can open and will soon be able to blink.
  • Although not perfect, but the brain, digestive system, and the baby's heart has been formed.

26 weeks pregnant
  • It weighs about 760 grams with a length of approximately 36 cm.
  • His eyes had been able to open fully.
  • She began to breathe little by little for the preparation into the world.
  • He can hear your voice while talking with other people.
  • Nerves vision began to work and respond to light. If you highlight a flashlight into your belly, the baby will try to look away.
  • If your baby boy, his testicles begin to descend closer to the scrotum.

27 weeks pregnant
  • Fetal weight is now 875 grams with a length of more than 36 cm.
  • Eyelids can close and open.
  • He slept and woke up at a regular time, even if the schedule is not always the same as your schedule.
  • Some experts found that babies begin dreaming since the content reaches the age of 27 weeks. However, it remains unknown what they envision in bed.
  • Babies will often experience a hiccup. This is normal, as the lungs are more mature.

28 weeks pregnant

  • By this week, the baby will weigh more than 1 kg with a length of approximately 38 cm.
  • Has grown eyelashes.
  • Now he can blink an eye.
  • Blubber and bone growing. Nevertheless, the new bone would be completely hardened after birth.
  • Networking in the brain continues to grow rapidly.

What are the changes that occurred in the mother's body?

Currently 25 weeks pregnant, your uterus is about the size of a football. Â In the third trimester of pregnancy, many women experience leg cramps, insomnia , hemorrhoids , and constipation . In addition, because the position of the uterus is just below the rib cage, then you can feel a little hard to breathe.

You can feel the movements of the baby who respond to sound and light, as well as the current movement hiccups. Sometimes babies also respond when the mother did sports movement. This movement is often a booster mother and baby.

Anything that should be sent?

Each consulted the gynecologist every month, the doctor or nurse will check your blood pressure. Examination of the urine sample is also required to detect certain conditions, such as preeclampsia and diabetes .

If the blood test shows that your rhesus status is rhesus negative (RhD negative), then you would be well advised to undergo anti endurance tests (antibodies). There kemungkinana that these antibodies are present in your blood when your baby is RhD positive status. In this situation, you need to get anti-D injection to prevent incompatibility reactions between you and your baby.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, some women experience aches and stiffness in the fingers and hands. This is due to nerve on the wrist pinched, causing pressure and pain. If it is bothersome, consult your doctor for treatment that does not harm the fetus.

Anything to Look?

Along with the rapid growth in this period, the fetus requires adequate nutrition from the foods mothers eat. We recommend that you continue to run a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fiber, also do appropriate exercise for pregnant women . However, avoid eating too much fish because of mercury that may be contained in it can harm the fetus. Two to three servings of fish a week is the recommended dose.

Changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy can make them less confident. The role of partners is needed to make a woman keep her comfortable. Relax with pampering at the salon or do not care at home can lead to a feeling more relaxed and happy. Good psychological condition is important for the health of the mother and fetus.

As pregnancy progresses and abdominal swelling, there are things in the house that needs to be reorganized to avoid the risk of slipping or falling. You can put rubber footwear in the shower or moving rooms downstairs than upstairs so no need to climb stairs.

At this gestational age, did you prepare for breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is a natural thing, but in practice, this activity requires preparation, knowledge, and determination. You can start searching for information about the lactation clinic at nearby hospitals or in organizations such as the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Indonesia . This preparation is also required for the prospective father who will support mothers to breastfeed.

However you maintain the health of your pregnancy, the possibility of preterm labor can occur for various reasons that are not detected. There is no harm in getting ready by preparing a bag of equipment that need to be taken to the hospital in labor. Please also provide a list of contacts who can be contacted others at any time if you should experience a premature birth.

If you currently 6 months pregnant, you already feel the leg is often sore and swollen, while pregnant seven months later, this condition may not be reduced as the baby's weight gain. But the baby's movements and responses are more pronounced will entertain you through this time last trimester of pregnancy.

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