Learn to Make Pizza in Sorrento

Learn to Make Pizza in Sorrento

Learn to Make Pizza in Sorrento

Just as there are certain cities you must visit when traveling to Italy, there are certain activities you shouldn't pass up either. Eating pizza in the country in which it was born is one such must-do activity. But is just eating pizza enough? We think not. To truly understand how pizza fits into the history of Italian cuisine, you need a guide. And what better guide than an Italian pizza chef teaching you how to make your very own pie?

Tour companies, restaurants, and even bed and breakfasts offer pizza making classes in Sorrento. For instance, GoLearnTo.com offers a three-hour pizza-making course, while Ciao Laura features a three-course lesson that includes an appetizer, your self-created pizza and dessert. Other options include a week-long course at Mami Camilla's cooking school or a three-hour class at the Porto Salvo guesthouse.

Sorrento Trip Reviews

Sorrento by Host Ciao
 My favorite driving company, Sorrento Limo in the person of the boss himself, Gennaro, picked me up and brought me here to Sorrento. On Thursday we had a beautiful day and he picked me up again and we went to Herculaneum for a day of ruin running. 

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