Pregnant Gymnastics To Simplify Delivery

Pregnant Gymnastics To Simplify Delivery - By doing pregnancy exercise regularly, stamina pregnant women will be maintained so that the body is ready to undergo the process of childbirth.

Pregnancy often makes your body tired make ingidhin continue sprawled on the sofa. But the move is not active in pregnancy it can make the body become fitter and complicate the delivery process. Exercise done regularly can increase muscle strength body to deal with labor.

Pregnant Gymnastics To Simplify Delivery

Increase Stamina with Pregnant Gymnastics

One relatively safe sport to do and can do most of the pregnant women is pregnancy exercise. Pregnancy exercise includes exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and keep your cardiovascular system. This exercise is safe to do at various gestational ages.

If you have previously used to doing aerobics , then you need to make modifications to avoid too many jumps and kicks, as well as other movements that risk harm. But if you're just going to start doing exercises, you should select specific exercises for pregnant women.

Aerobics with a slow rhythm (low impact) that does not involve kicking and jumping right to increase the stamina of the pregnant woman. The absence of these two types of movements can protect your joints and lower pelvis of pressure. Too often kicking, running, and jumping during pregnancy actually lower risk of weakening the pelvic muscles.

So many benefits of doing pregnancy exercise on a regular basis, among other things:

  • Relieves pain and pain that is felt during pregnancy.
  • Muscle toning.
  • Strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • Makes you sleep better.
  • Help avoid excessive weight gain.
  • Relieve pain due to the increase of the load on the spine.
  • Strengthen joints.

Psychologically, pregnancy exercise makes you think more positively because they feel more prepared for labor. In addition, after the baby is born, pregnancy exercise can also help you immediately return to the original shape of the body and stamina.

Join the Class Gymnastics Pregnant

To obtain maximum results, you can join a pregnancy exercise class that many hospitals opened in the mother and child. Generally, pregnancy exercise instructor is the midwife who is experienced in handling labor.

Movement and breathing exercises to prepare your body precedence in labor with better prepared. By joining in a pregnancy exercise class, do the movements will be relatively safe because it is under the direction of experienced instructors.

In addition to more reliable, doing gymnastics pregnant along with other pregnant women can make you feel more comfortable because they do not own and can exchange ideas. In addition to the usual pregnancy exercise is offered in hospitals, mother and child, gestures before delivery can be done also with pilates and yoga specifically for pregnant women.

Gymnastics Pregnant S endiri at Home

Ideally, pregnancy exercise performed 2-4 times a week for approximately 30 minutes. But you can also do a pregnancy exercise at home with a video or a book guide reliable. Here are a few simple movements you can do:

Push-up wall

This movement strengthens the chest muscles and triceps muscles on the back of the upper arm. The stages of the movement:

- Stand facing a wall with both hands flat against the wall. From the side, the body is seen leaning forward, as if pushing against the walls. Open feet parallel shoulder.

- Bend your elbows slowly and lift the chest to the chin closer to the wall. Keep your back straight.

- Return to the original position.

- Repeat up to 15 times.


Doing gymnastics with squatting activity during pregnancy can help pave the way for the baby's birth. You can try doing squats with the ball movement exercises. The stages of the movement:

- Stand up straight against the wall with the ball gymnastics dihimpit between your back and the wall. Open legs slightly.

- Lower your body with the legs forming an angle of 90 degrees.

- Return to the original position. Repeat 10 times.


Floor exercises can help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles . The stages of the movement:

- Take a seat resembling a kneeling position to form a 90-degree and second-hand propped on the front straight. Make sure your hands are under the shoulders.

- Raise and straighten one leg is parallel to the back. Hold for a while.

- Change to the next leg.

- Repeat 10 times on the left leg and 10 times for the right foot.

Climb the short bench

To strengthen leg muscles, you can do gymnastics with the help of short bench. The stages of the movement:

- Stand up and place a stool with a height of no more than 20 cm long and wide enough in front of you.

- Lift the left leg and right leg on the bench. After that lower your left leg and then the right foot.

- Make the turn without rush and caution.

Repeat 15-25 times while keeping your back straight while performing the movement.

Pregnancy exercise need to be more careful to pay attention to the following points:

  • Warm up before doing pregnancy exercise and cool down afterwards.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles as you lift your knees to avoid injury to the lower back and the hip joint.
  • Avoid turning around and flipping the body quickly. More difficult to balance the body during pregnancy.
  • Know your abilities and do not push yourself. Take frequent breaks if you feel tired.
  • Keep the room temperature is not hot. Use clothing that is not too thick and absorbs sweat.
  • Prevent dehydration by consuming enough water before, during, and after pregnancy exercise.

Make sure the instructor or guide that you make reference trustworthy.
If you have not exercising, you can start by doing motion exercises 5 minutes a day, then increased to 10 minutes, and continue to rise until at least 30 minutes per day.

Basically, the main benefits of pregnancy exercise is to make the body healthier and feel more relaxed. It is important to keep the feeling remained calm as if the body do this.

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