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Follow How To Shrink Stomach After Childbirth Here It - For Moms who wants his belly back faster after delivery, here are some ways to shrink the stomach after giving birth.

"The new A three months ago gave birth but her stomach and already really skinny anymore, huh?" It amazed to see the woman who had just given birth but her shape is back as before it was contained. And every woman may want the same thing, knowing how to shrink the stomach after giving birth quickly.

Follow How To Shrink Stomach After Childbirth Here It

It takes time and patience

Actually, soon after giving birth, the weight and size of the stomach Mother had shrunk to about 5.4 kg. The amount represents the accumulated weight of the baby, placenta, and how much blood and amniotic fluid out. It was not coupled with the amount of body fluid to be wasted through urine and sweat. In the first week after birth, if only Mother would lose fluid 1.8 liters to 2.7 liters.

Well, if so so easy dong shrink the stomach after giving birth? Eits, do not like it. Affair back flat and toned stomach only a few weeks after birth it can be experienced by some women. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. For most women, it takes many months or even for years to get rid of the "baby fat" in the stomach. If only needed nine months (even more) in order to return toned tummy after childbirth.

Shrinking the stomach after giving birth was apparently depends on several factors, including:
  • Gen.
  • The shape and size of the body before it was contained.
  • How much weight gain during pregnancy.
  • How many Bunda move or exercise.

How to shrink the stomach after giving birth can be a rather easy task if the mother breast-feeding, weight gain of less than 13.6 kg when it contains, and diligent exercise regularly during pregnancy. The agency also easier back as before if this is the first pregnancy Mother.

If you do not breastfeed but want to quickly slim after giving birth, the mother had to keep how much food intake into the body. Mother no longer needs as many calories as when pregnant.

What to do?

So that the stomach and slim body, the Mother can implement a way to shrink the stomach after giving birth following:


Mother Breastfeeding helps burn excess calories about 500 calories per day. Weight loss breastfeeding mothers will likely fall faster than mothers who bottle-feed their babies. Breastfeeding also triggers contractions which help shrink the uterus, as is training the entire body.

Lose weight while breastfeeding is fine. If Mother reduce about 1 kg in one week, is unlikely to affect the body's production of breast milk. However, if you eat a lot but never exercise, do not expect the stomach and the body can be reduced. Even if you are still breastfeeding.


Not just a way to shrink the stomach after giving birth right, exercise also helps tighten the stomach and burn calories. Whether it's just a walk around the area of ​​the house, took a yoga class after giving birth, Kegel exercises, aerobics, stretching, or exercise that trains the pelvis. At least, wait six weeks after giving birth if you want to start exercising. Be sure to let Mother discuss in advance with your doctor to determine the time and type of exercise that is suitable.

Keeping food intake

Healthy weight after childbirth can be achieved by eating fruits, vegetables, single-chain unsaturated fats, whole grains, and other foods high in fiber, which makes you feel full longer. Also, do not forget to eat in smaller portions but frequently and avoid junk food or fast food.

Do not do extreme or too heavy diet to lose weight quickly dropped. Extreme diet makes the body hunger, stress, and tired that may affect milk production. In addition, the diet also makes Mother did not receive adequate nutrition. Baby was the possibility of not getting the nutrition she needs from breastfeeding mother.

carrying children

Not only useful for a lull, cradling the baby also provide benefits to the Virgin. Carrying a child is like carrying a load weighing 3.6 kg to 5.4 kg, prenatal fitness experts said. If coupled with the squatting movements (stand-squat repeatedly), lower body muscles will be formed and so increases the body's metabolism. You can also work with Little lift into the air and back down.

Drink lots of water

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is not only able to remove toxins from the body, but also makes you feel fuller.

consumption of probiotics

Research shows that probiotics can help women control belly fat after delivery. Probiotics are known as "good" bacteria that can improve intestinal health and digestion. Although not known with certainty, how the functions of probiotics is associated with controlling fat.

After birth, the body can be deformed. It is likely to make Mother found it difficult to get back into shape as before pregnancy. Consult with your doctor first if the Mother wants to practice how to shrink the stomach after giving birth as described above. Because remember, not everyone has the same ability to exercise or diet the right way.

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