Train Like a Gladiator in Rome

Train Like a Gladiator in Rome

Train Like a Gladiator in Rome

Among the many iconic sites of Italy that really shouldn't be missed is the Colosseum in Rome. But considering the adrenaline-filled life the gladiators led, a standard stand-around-and-listen tour just doesn't seem like the right way to experience this ancient arena. What if you could get a small taste of gladiator life instead? Wouldn't the Colosseum look different after sweating for two hours while practicing your sword swing?

While there's only one Gladiators' School in Rome (about a mile and a half from the Colosseum), several tour operators offer programs there that include a two-hour class with a short museum visit, a drink and Roman attire to wear during your lesson. Check out Viator, Walks Inside Rome and Select Italy for more about their specific offerings. To learn more about the city, see our Rome Travel Guide.

Rome Trip Reviews

Roma, Roma, Roma by Amelia Hesson
We had to walk around and see the great views of the Forum and Palatine hill before we decided to visit the Capitoline Museum. The museum was incredible, filled with some incredible pieces of sculptures, Bronzes, paintings, pottery and figurines, and murals. It took us hours to see all of it because we took our time and savored the beauty of the art. As we are walking through the upper floors I notice the sun is going dawn and I cannot believe it. Sunset was beautiful from the top of The hill and we see it set over St. Peters, as we decide to head back to the hotel for our welcome drink.

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