How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally - Having white teeth is a dream of everyone. Not only for a woman, but there are also some men who want white teeth. Usually a man like this is the kind of guy that attention to appearance. Appearance we indeed be interesting if the teeth look white. Unfortunately, some of the habits that we do can make the teeth no longer white. Call it a regular coffee consumption, cigarette smoking habits, and much more. If this happens, a person usually tend to shy to show his teeth, such as when laughing, or talking.

To cope with the yellow teeth, there are several ways that can be done to whiten the teeth. One of them using natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to whiten teeth, namely:
  • Wood charcoal. Materials commonly used for burning in the barbecue process, it is also useful to whiten teeth. It sounds strange, but the black color that emerges from this charcoal is believed to whiten teeth yellow back. However, when using charcoal, it's good You do not want excessive and cautious when rubbed, because if excessive or too tight, this is precisely the charcoal can damage tooth enamel.
  • Betel nut, fruit this one turns can be used to whiten teeth. The trick with burning betel nuts until charred, then soften the seed. After that, rub it on your teeth by using a nut or other fiber carefully. You can do this for one to two times a week for maximum results.
  • In addition to delicious edible fruit, stroberii also efficacious to whiten teeth naturally. Kandugan malic acid in strawberries mamapu work effectiveness in merubaha become apparent color of your teeth white and clean. Rub a ripe strawberry fruit on your teeth, wait a few minutes and proceed to brush their teeth as usual. Remember not too excessive in pemakainnya because of high acid content can damage tooth enamel.
  • Orange peel, orange section of this one turned out to also be used. Use the inside of an orange peel white to brush your teeth yellow. Do it regularly every day and the teeth will be white naturally and quickly. However, for those who have sensitive teeth, the content of vitamin C in it is not very suitable for your teeth.
  • Banana skin. Just as how to whiten teeth using orange peel, you can use banana skin to whiten teeth. You do this simply by applying a white piece of banana skin to your teeth. Do this on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.
  • Betel leaves. The leaves are also used to be a food flavoring is believed to whiten and strengthen teeth. That is why, many of our parents who chew betel leaves.
  • Dairy products, dairy products have a wide, ranging from the milk itself, cheese, yogurt, and much more. Products are made from this milk has a high calcium content that can help whiten and maintain dental health.

It is some natural ingredients that can be used to restore teeth yellow. The materials mentioned above is a combustible material in the can. So, there is no excuse for not keeping your teeth white and healthy. Also, avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks and start to quit smoking so fast you do not yellow teeth.

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