Drive a Ferrari Along the Amalfi Coast

Drive a Ferrari Along the Amalfi Coast

Drive a Ferrari Along the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic spots in a country renowned for its magnificent scenery. Add to the stunning sea views the lavish vineyards and olive groves, and this UNESCO World Heritage area just begs for an opulent approach. Give in Italian-style; rent a flaming red Ferrari and spend the day zipping up and down the curvy Amalfi Drive. When you're ready for lunch, stop at a local trattoria and try the limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced throughout the Amalfi region.

Obviously you can drive the Amalfi Coast in any common rental car, but if you want to do it the fun way, check out Red Travel or Your Private Italy, both of which offer full-day or longer Ferrari rentals with guides. Another option is Cooking Vacations' five-day "Rome to the Amalfi Coast, Cooking & Driving a Ferrari" tour. For more ideas, see Getting Around Italy: Planes, Trains, Cars and Vespas.

Amalfi Coast Trip Reviews

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We did the Amalfi Tour with Guemar Travel and it was great to go over the mountain on narrow roads, see views, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento for lunch and drive along the Amalfi Coast. Lunch in a quaint old restaurant above the town had an interesting owner who really had good humor with us. Towns are unique as well as churches. It is the home of the lemon groves on terraced hills and homes perched on hilly terrain. 

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