The Sweetness Of Strawberry Apparently There Benefits Many

The Sweetness Of Strawberry Apparently There Benefits Many - Strawberry benefits for heart health has long been a subject of research. A number of studies have linked the consumption of a heart-shaped fruit with improving heart health. The content of the allegedly beneficial berries are anthocyanins. These substances have various effects on the body, such as the flexing of blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

However, further research is needed about the content of berries which is beneficial in both anthocyanins or other content. Still, it never hurts to diligently eating strawberry.

The Sweetness Of Strawberry Apparently There Benefits Many

Research has recommended as early as possible to do a diet that includes strawberry consumption. Here are some reasons behind it that needs to be examined one by one.

Nourish the Heart

Benefits berries for heart health can be obtained by eating regular terms. A study showed that consumption of at least three cups of strawberries or 24 pieces per week can reduce the risk of heart attacks in middle-aged women. This benefit associated with anthocyanin content in strawberries.

In addition, through experiments on animals is known that quercetin content in strawberries may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis due to bad cholesterol . Atherosclerosis is the hardening of arteries that can lead to heart disease. The condition can occur because of a buildup of fatty plaque in blood vessels.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Strawberry consumption is recommended for those who have high blood pressure. The content of polyphenols in strawberries can help lower blood pressure so as to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, abundant potassium content useful in helping to avoid the effects of sodium or salt in the body. High potassium consumption is associated with reduced risk of death. Conversely, potassium deficiency can invite the risk of high blood pressure.

Anti Inflammation

Quercetin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent is an anticancer suspected. Antioxidants are considered able to fight free radicals and prevent tumor growth. In addition, the content of quercetin may also be useful to relieve allergy symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, and runny nose. However, it still needs more thorough research to confirm these findings.

Controlling Blood Sugar

Other strawberry benefits is that it helps control blood sugar up to be stable, not too high or too low. Strawberry could be an option for people with diabetes because it has a low glycemic index and rich in fiber. The glycemic index is a number that indicates a food's effect on a person's blood sugar levels. Score of 55 or less indicates a low glycemic index, 56 to 59 showed the index being, and over 70 is high. Meanwhile, the strawberry has a low glycemic index of 40.

Start the day with breakfast strawberry combined with yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or made ​​into a smoothie.

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