Instant Noodles Or Rice, Which Makes Faster Fat?

Instant Noodles Or Rice, Which Makes Faster Fat? - At night hungry, eat instant noodles can be considered a solution to avoid the rice is considered to be fattening. Though the thought was not necessarily true. We find out yuk, where the type of food that is more friendly to maintain weight.

Let's compare the calories contained in instant noodles and rice with the same weight. Instant noodle dish as much as 70 grams or one package, containing 370 calories counted. Meanwhile, white rice with the same weight, contains only 91 calories.

Instant Noodles Or Rice, Which Makes Faster Fat?

It turns out the calorie content of instant noodles more than three times as much rice. This makes the possibility of instant noodles cause faster body fat, when compared to rice.

Then, what if compared to white bread that is often a viable alternative? Each strand of white bread by 25 grams contains 67 calories .. Means 4 pieces of bread (100 grams) 268 calories. Calorific value is far less than one pack of instant noodles. However, bread is still relatively high compared to white rice contains only about 130 calories per 100 grams.

Its also worth noting, generally accompanied the presentation of instant noodles with eggs and other ingredients, such as sausages, corned beef, or cheese that certainly adds calories. Then, there is another peculiar habit of the people in Indonesia, which is mixed with rice noodles, so calorie consumed to be redoubled.

Yet in one day consisting of three meals and a snack in between, the caloric needs of adult women only around 1800-2000 and men around 2200-2400.

Avoid Excessive Eating
In addition to the content of carbohydrates and fats, instant noodles are usually served with instant broth generally contain sodium or salt. One of instant noodles is widely known in the community Indonesia recorded contains 1,080 mg of sodium, or about 45% of the needs of the whole day, in every package weighing 91 grams.

In fact, excess sodium intake, including as an intake of instant noodles, have a risk of bodily harm . One of them may aggravate the kidneys work. In addition, sodium is expected to accumulate in the body can also trigger high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure.

Nevertheless, excessive eating white rice does not mean risk free. Researchers compared the Asian people who eat rice every day, with Western countries people who only consume rice less than 5 times per week. As a result, the risk of diabetes is higher in those who consume more rice. For those at high risk, should pay attention to the food taboo for diabetes , including excessive consumption of white rice. Experts suggest substitute white rice, ie food products from whole grains.

Now known term guide plate to meet the nutritional balanced meal , which is practiced daily. Rice or other types of carbohydrates are only allowed to meet ¼ of a dinner plate, ¼ again filled with protein. The rest, ½ plate again filled with vegetables and fruit.

After reading the calorie content of each option, now you know what to choose when you feel hungry?

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