9 Months Pregnant: Baby Born Into The World

9 Months Pregnant: Baby Born Into The World - Only about 5 percent of babies are born exactly on the due date. Then you should keep quiet if the baby does not go born or born earlier than the expected date.

During the 9 months pregnant, the baby's development has been perfect and ready to be born into the world. Since 8 months pregnant , you need to prepare and to immediately alert to the maternity hospital when contractions are all the more intense and regular.

9 Months Pregnant: Baby Born Into The World

How Fetal Growth?

At week 37, the baby weight you to about 2.8 kilograms with a length of 48.6 cm. Deliveries in the past 9 months pregnant is considered old enough for a baby's development has been perfect.

37 weeks pregnant

  • If this is your first pregnancy, then at this age usually the baby's head is in the pelvis hole and supported by the pelvic bone. But if this is her second pregnancy and so on, then chances are the baby's head is not down.
  • Most of the baby's head at this age are full of hair along approximately 3.5 cm. But there are also some babies who do not have a baby at all.
  • Most of the lanugo or fine hair that covers the baby was gone, swallowed and kept the baby in his bowels. Later this material will be released through the dirt first, called meconium.

Pregnant Week 38

  • Baby's weight will continue to grow to regulate their body temperature after birth later.
  • All the organs of his body has been perfect and is in its proper place. The lungs are the organs most slow cooked.

Pregnant Week 39

  • Your baby could be born anytime in the week with an estimated average weight of 3 kg with a length of about 50 cm.
  • Vernix caseosa coating that protects the baby's skin has decayed so as to make clear amniotic fluid that had become cloudy.
  • His hair and finger nails thicken baby lengthwise.
  • In general, the doctor will give you the option to wait about two weeks if your baby has not been born on that is expected in this week.

40 weeks pregnant

  • By this week, most babies have been born. But if not, no problem as long as there is no interference on your obstetrician.
  • Your baby has mastered all the skills he needs to survive outside the mother's womb. He often sucking his thumb, just as later he would seek the breast to suckle.
  • Your body will continue to produce amniotic fluid levels despite slightly until your baby is born.

What are the changes that occurred in the mother's body?

In the last trimester, your weight may be only slightly increased. The amniotic fluid will dwindle from 37 weeks pregnant. False contractions may also be more frequently felt. The body will prepare for childbirth with cervical began to thin the mucus release. During pregnancy, this mucus cover the birth canal to prevent bacterial entry. So that the discharge be a sign that labor is about to happen in the near future.

Week 37 is the last stage of your pregnancy exercise classes and the last week of childbirth . When I got home from the hospital, make sure your home is ready to welcome the baby.

Anything that should be sent?

Normally the duration of two hours, you will feel the baby move at least two. If you do not feel the movement in two hours, wait until after some time. When there was still no movement felt, immediately consult a doctor.

In general, women will give birth at 38-42 weeks of gestation. But at 41 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may decide whether to do another action or still waiting.

Limb swelling is a common condition during pregnancy. However if you feel excessive swelling of the hands, face or feet, you should be wary and went to the doctor. This can be a sign of the condition of pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), preeclampsia, or toxemia.

Besides other conditions that warrant concern is diabetes gestational, anemia, and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) or stunted fetal growth. All this can be monitored by the presence checked by a gynecologist regularly.

Anything to Look?

You and your spouse may have heard a lot of advice and preparation for labor. At 39 weeks gestation, you would probably feel uneasy look forward to an unborn baby. Thing necessary is to stay calm and think positive. Spending time with your family or friends can be the right choice.

Before undergoing the process of childbirth, it helps you identify three stages.

  • The first stage: begins when the cervix has been opened up to approximately 10 cm to mark contractions every 5 minutes. At this stage you should have to get to a maternity hospital.
  • The second stage: the cervix has been open 10 cm upwards until your baby is born.
  • The third stage: placenta from the birth canal. This stage could take 5 to 30 minutes.

In labor, when you push the baby's head will be seen at the vaginal opening, called crowning. At this time, you will feel the pain and the very tearing in the vaginal area, due to the vaginal opening is stretched and wide open. In this position, stop pushing! Continue to push can make a hole torn vagina and thus require an episiotomy.

The pain will only last for a few seconds and then will be followed by numbness. This is due to stretching of the vaginal lining makes neurons become obstructed and become a natural pain reliever.

However, although all have been anticipated, you still need to prepare for some conditions that may occur due to many reasons, among others:

  • Labor with the baby's bottom down (breech birth): delivery with a high difficulty level where the baby's buttocks come out first.
  • Caesarean section : surgery to remove your baby with the incision in the lower abdomen.
  • Induction: the action taken so that labor begins. Usually applied in certain circumstances, such as babies who have health problems or if the membranes have ruptured first.

So many questions I want to put forward during the 9 months pregnant, one of which is, "When should I go to the maternity hospital?" This is the most common question occurred to mothers who are pregnant, especially if this is the first pregnancy. Here are some things to be the benchmark for the mother.

  • When the membranes have ruptured, you should immediately go to the hospital.
  • If this is your first pregnancy and had been having contractions, but not too intense and membranes have not ruptured, you might be able to wait.
  • Immediately to the hospital when the contractions feel stronger, lasts continuously for 45 seconds to 1 minute, and occurs at least five minutes.
  • If your home is located a bit away from the hospital, then you should have left when the contractions have not tasted five minutes. Likewise, if a child is conceived is the second child process is generally faster than the first child. If deliveries take place at home, immediately contact the medical aid in the labor if contractions have felt intense.

Most babies will be born at 40 weeks gestation. If at the age of 41 weeks the baby yet pregnant, your doctor will probably perform examinations and cervical stimulation to produce hormones that trigger normal delivery. If the baby does not go born at 42 weeks gestation, doctors will offer induction or caesarean step because the risk of babies dying in the womb has been rising.

However the process of pregnancy you are and whatever the path of the baby to be born into the world, the most important thing is the health and safety of mother and baby as well as trips later in the nurture and rearing.

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