5 Months Pregnant: The Most Convenient Frequently Considered

5 Months Pregnant: The Most Convenient Frequently Considered - Some women claim that at the age of 5 months pregnant i ni they feel most comfortable. Even regarded as the safest time to travel or vacation.

If you are currently 4 months pregnant you sometimes still feel nauseated, in this period generally nausea during pregnancy is over. Your body begins to adapt to move with the enlarged abdomen. You also begin to feel and enjoy the movement of the little one in the stomach and convenient for traveling in pregnancy .

5 Months Pregnant: The Most Convenient Frequently Considered

How Fetal Growth?

At the gestational age 5 months or 21 weeks, the baby you generally have a length of about 21.6 cm, with a weight of 0.34 kilograms.

You have to resemble fetal baby ready to be born, but in a very small size. Pancreatic Organ mature, increasingly formed lips, and eyes look more perfect. But the iris or the inside of the eyeball still need more pigment. Eyelids and eyebrows have been formed.

Age 21 weeks

  • The weight of the baby is now starting heavier than the placenta.
  • His body was covered with fine hairs called lanugo that allegedly is responsible for keeping the baby's body remains at the required temperature. Lanugo usually disappears before the baby is born.
  • Baby's eyelids had finished form.
  • Little has been moved and whilst the digestive organs also become more mature.
  • Vagina in infants of women has been formed and will continue to grow until the birth.
  • Of your baby get oxygen through the placenta. His lungs did not function properly, but the baby started to practice breathing to prepare for life outside the womb.
Age 22 weeks

  • Walking your baby is not too attached to the abdomen as before.
  • Despite the severity of a growing, but still looks wrinkled skin because it has not had enough weight.
  • Hormone-producing organs and organ pancreas has evolved.
  • The first teeth did not appear until several months after birth, but the tooth buds have formed in the gums.
Age 23 weeks

Hearing more perfect. Now he can hear the heartbeat and the sound of movement in your stomach. It also includes sounds from outside, such as barks, the sound, and the sound of conversation around the capital.

24 weeks

  • Now the baby has had a bit of fat, although the skin is still very thin and weak.
  • The brain develops very rapidly.
  • Fingerprints are increasingly formed.
  • His lungs expand and establish branches breathing.
  • Their body cells begin to produce surfactant, which are substances that help the air sacs in the lungs to fill as soon as he is born into the world.
  • Despite the risk of defects, premature infants at and after 24 weeks of age have a chance to live because of the development of the lungs and vital organs have enough age.
  • At 24 weeks, the baby is approximately 600 grams and 30 cm.

What are the changes that occurred in the mother's body?

Your weight may increase from 5.5 to 7 kilograms this month. After that, you will gain weight range 225 grams per week. Many women assume that the period of 5 months pregnant is a pregnancy that is most enjoyable. In this period, generally nausea and vomiting often experienced in early pregnancy started to not feel anymore. You are also getting used to move with the enlarged abdomen.

At this time, your stomach will grow faster. You will feel hungry more often than usual. But make sure you still apply a healthy diet. Stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, and breasts can generally begin to appear at 22 weeks gestation. At first stretch marks will appear red, then faded to gray. Your breasts will feel fuller as an early sign of preparation for breastfeeding .

To avoid swollen feet after standing or walking a long time, make it a habit to sit down after a while standing. Wash your face twice a day, especially when acne begins to appear on your skin is oily. Most women will experience vaginal discharge. It is quite normal for there is no bleeding and the liquid is colorless, odorless, and does not cause itching and pain. An enlarged uterus and bladder presses also put you at risk of frequent urination .

Anything that should be sent?

In addition to general checks such as blood pressure, body temperature, body weight and the baby's mother, another thing to watch is normal or abnormal discharge from the vagina . Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the urine to the amniotic fluid that does not smell. Rupture can occur suddenly and the waters to flow out of the vagina. The amniotic fluid that flows suddenly in much volume can be a significant differentiator. To be aware, consult if you experience any unusual symptoms, be it in vaginal discharge or bleeding is not as usual.

Moreover, in addition to as stretch marks, itching during pregnancy can be caused by disorders that are rare, such as obstetric cholestasis liver disorders.

In addition, the risk of premature birth can now also be detected by tests Fetal fibronectin (fFN). fFN is the protein contained in the amniotic sac and the fetal membranes that can be used as a reference if someone is at risk of premature delivery. Given these proteins will disappear after pregnancy over 22 weeks, then the period of 21-22 weeks is the right time to undergo these tests for those who experience symptoms such as abdominal cramps, and changes in vaginal fluid.

What Things You Need To Look For?

Although the age of 5 months pregnant is a pregnancy that most women perceived as the most comfortable time, but still more needs to be done and avoided for the health of mothers and babies:

  • Stretch marks are starting to look sometimes will cause itchy skin. Use lotion so that the skin does not dry out and reduce the risk of itching.
  • The eyes are more sensitive, dry, and rapid fatigue is a common condition that occurs in pregnant women. Make sure you get enough rest to reduce the risk of dry eye.
  • Your baby can already hear. Some believe that by playing music, especially classical music, the baby can bring positive benefits to the fetus. Although it has not been established scientifically useful, but it never hurts to try similar things to make themselves more awake mood.
  • Consumption enough fluids to avoid swelling of certain body parts. Prioritizing consume mineral water, and then other beverages, such as juices and milk. Avoid taking coffee , carbonated soft drinks, and tea make the body even more at risk of dehydration . Color dark yellow urine indicates that you are not drinking enough water.
  • Heartburn is a symptom that is often experienced by pregnant women. If you experience this, try to reduce your portions and eat them with greater frequency.
  • It's time you and your partner are looking for information to prepare for baby-sitting. You can join a community of mothers or parents in cyberspace, like Mommies Daily , The Urban Mama or Daddy ASI as supporting information for dads companion nursing mothers.
  • If you are working mothers , use this time to apply for maternity leave. If you think to stop working in the office after giving birth, it's time to discuss it with your partner.
Once accustomed to the movements of the baby, then the period of 6 months pregnant, the baby will be more responsive to sounds and movement. The gestures themselves pregnant women may be more severe due to the enlarged abdomen. You need to continue to work actively so that the body of the mother and baby stay healthy.

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