Things to do on a Maui Honeymoon 2015

Viloxsofis - Things to do on a Maui Honeymoon 2015 - It's official!  Maui, Hawaii made U.S. News 17 Top Honeymoon Destinations list for 2013.  With newlyweds deep love for everything tropical and relaxing, it's no wonder that Maui made the list.  But once you're in Maui, what is there to do other than sit on the beach (as if that wasn't enough).

Below you will find a list of things to do on a Maui honeymoon:

#1: The Road to Hana - If beautiful scenery and a relaxing drive seems fun then taking a drive on the road to Hana is a must.  Overlooking some of the worlds most amazing beaches and rainforests makes this entire day trip incomparable to any other.

#2: The Red Sand Beach in Kaihalulu - Yes, red sand.  The sand is made up of eroded volcanic cinder and is truly breathtaking.  Don't forget to back good shoes though because it's a 10 minute walk down a steep, slippery trail. 

#3: Eat Mahi Mahi Burgers - If you love white fish then you'll love these burgers. They're served everywhere but one of the best spots to get one is at the Pa'ia Fish Market. 

#4: Molokini Snorkel Tour - Molokini is a volcanic crater located about two miles from South Maui.  Molokini is an amazing snorkel spot but only those who have permits are able to take you.  No worries, there are several, local guides with permits.  If you want to see a plethora of beautiful marine life then we highly recommend a snorkel tour.

#5:  Paddle board - Paddle boarding is one of the sports perfect for someone who wants to surf but can't stand up long on their own.  Using a paddle will help!  Don't worry, it won't look like you can't surf because paddle boarding is all the rave right now in Maui.  Many local, on beach shops rent paddle boards along with lessons.  It's a great day on the water and fun adventure.

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